President - Craig Baxter         Vice President - Dean Westcott         Secretary - Tom O'Leary         Treasurer - Bill McDonald

Trustee 3yr - Rob Nelson           Trustee 2yr - Ray Northrup          Trustee 1yr - Jim Way       Exempts Webmaster - Jason Baxter

The Aims and Purposes for which the Walker Exempt Inc was formed was for the mutual benefit, assistance, benevolence and aide of its members. The Walker Exempts was also formed for the promotion of social and intellectual intercourse among its members by means of lectures, dances, dinners, outings and other kindred forms of entertainment to promote and provide for lawful recreation, exercise, and amusement. Furthermore, the Walker Exempts provides a place where its members may meet socially to establish and friendly relations among and assist one another in social and business ways.

The next meeting is April 14th at Foster's Restaurant, 50 Canning St. The meeting starts at 6:30pm, please note the time change.

2021 Meeting Schedule

The scholarship for 2021 has been suspended due to Covid-19

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