Station Desk

Residents and community members of the HMW FD, Happy Holidays to you and your families. Throughout these uncertain times in this pandemic, the WFD would like to let you now we haven’t gone anywhere nor do we plan on it. Our small hometown first responders are still here, and will still be here to respond to your emergency needs. However, for the safety and health of our first responders and you our community members, the Chiefs office along with our fire commissioners have closed the FD doors to the general public until we are able to get a handle on this pandemic. What does this means to you, it just means that at this time all 3 Fire stations are on lock down, and should only be occupied for responding to emergency calls or other official FD business until further notice. That also mean you may not see very many personal vehicles there as often as you have in the past. We are in good hopes, that next year brings a change to this, and we once again will be allowed to open our doors to all you wonderful folks. The WFD would like to take a minuet to thank you all for the continued support you’ve shown us, we are so grateful for all that you have done for us. Finally, as the white starts to fall from the sky and stick to the ground, use caution while driving, give yourself a little extra time to get to your destination. Remember, if there is a hydrant near your residence helping keep it clear (3’ around) could help to save precious seconds/minutes. And, be sure to check-in on your neighbors every now and then, to make sure they’re good. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays…. The WFD.